Leveraging on our strategic partnerships we are able to provide architectural, structural, interior and landscape design services. Our designs are bench-marked against industry best practices, regulatory requirements of both federal and state laws and where applicable estate laws. We strife to strike a balance between creativity and regulatory requirements across all our projects.


For us at EWL procurement is much more than material purchasing, it is a strategic approach from design through project implementation and close-out. Our strategic alliance with major industry players; suppliers, service providers, fabricators and manufacturers enhance our capability to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Building Construction & Renovation

Leveraging on the latest industry technologies and practice innovations as well as our agile procurement strategy, our team of experts and partners are able to deliver unparalleled state-of-the-art building solutions within agreed project metrics. With a keen eye for space utilization and a contemporary mind-set, we are also able to transform existing structures into unique works of art.


Because of our entwinement with the environment and the subtle rhythm of nature, we understand external spaces as an integral part of a project development. Hence, we accentuate the outdoor appeal with a great colorful greenery, creating beautiful sceneries and eco- friendly outdoor spaces that support the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of preserving the climate.

Project Management & Site Supervision​

At EWL, project management & supervision doesn't end with structured planning,estimation,controlling and supervision. Our approach is founded on the philosophy of continuous improvement. A 360 degree boundary movement in areas of skill set, innovation,service delivery methodologies and professionalism. Keeping in mind that in the success of our project lies our greatness.

About us

Earthwood and liners construction Nigeria limited is a vehicle to inspire and drive the idea to create affordable, value-centered luxury experiences and by extension inspire people to realize that  every dream is attainable within the limits of what they have, as such at Earthwood &  Liners we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo. 

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