Creating Value Through Real Estate

We at Earthwood and liners specialize in developing and managing development of properties to create superior value for our customers.

As one of the diverse developers of real estate, Earthwood and liners assists clients with all aspects of their development, investment and management needs. Our company’s experienced professionals bring an average of 50 years of experience to the table, and have successfully negotiated many assignments since 2015.

Our team members are committed to creating quality commercial real estate projects that enhance local communities. As part of this commitment, Earthwood and liners  works with established industry leaders and places a premium on the long-term relationships it develops with customers and vendors. These relationships, along with Earthwood and liner’s reputation as a solid corporate citizen, have proven invaluable time and time again when working with our clients, enabling the company to provide superior customer service from start to finish on any project.

Earthwood & Liners Construction Nigeria Limited
Developing The Cornerstone Of The Industry

At Earthwood and liners, our team sees Industrial development as a cornerstone to economic development, and we work closely with corporations to strategically plan logistics long before we kick off any project. This attention to detail, combined with our more than 30 years of combined experience and insight into local markets, allows us provide superior service throughout the process.

About us

Earthwood and liners construction Nigeria limited is a vehicle to inspire and drive the idea to create affordable, value-centered luxury experiences and by extension inspire people to realize that  every dream is attainable within the limits of what they have, as such at Earthwood &  Liners we constantly innovate and challenge the status quo. 

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