Pinnock Project

Stone House
Location: Pinnock beach estate
Status: completed

This luxury 5 bedroom contemporary structure sits on a 867sqm size plot of land located in a rich neighborhood of Lagos.The building is layered in 3 levels.

The strong presence of the bold stone cladded staircase wall as one makes an entrance through the ante room creates a humbling ambiance. The external wall is finished in brilliant white and a navy blue textured accent.

The sight of a colorfully lit water fountain by the pool and a luxury finished master toilet speaks the volume of lifestyle that defines the client’s taste.

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Fountain Spring Estate: Residential Development

White Slim
Location: Fountain spring Ville Estate
Status: completed

The White Slim is a tastefully finished luxury 4 bedroom lifestyle residential dwelling located in Fountain Spring Ville Estate behind Novare Mall Sangotedo.

This beauty was intentionally finished predominantly in white; wall,floor & ceiling ,disguising a large space. Like a plain canvas allowed one to appreciate the stroke of every Furniture piece within.

The exterior features a swimming pool,terrace,green area and a wooden finish stamped concrete pavement.Positioning the building on 400sqm narrow piece of land while maintaining statutory setback was a major challenge, but with careful creative thinking and value engineering this was achieved.

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Navante Oil & gas Project

Navante corporate office
Location: Victoria Island
Status: Completed

EWL was tasked with the design and retrofitting of the client’s corporate office located in the business district of Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Site was a dilapidated open hall with limited natural lighting and ventilation.

Our Approach was to design a modern minimalist open office with the intent of projecting the client’s brand while creating a relaxed and funfill workspace.

While we maintained an open design to create a collaborative work environment, we understood the need for privacy hence the use of vertical planters to define space boundaries in order to minimize interspace views.

To deal with the natural lightning challenge,clear glass panels were used as the major material for the internal walls.

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Aro Heights

Aro Height
Location: Pinnock beach estate
Status: Completed

This luxurious and stunning contemporary beauty is a 5 bedroom, 4 living room, 3 layered terrace house that sits on an 850sqm land in the high-brow area of Lekki, Lagos.

A bold entrance door fabricated in a blend of wood, steel, glass & aluminum that echoes the richness of this beauty welcomes you as you make your entrance.

Seamless interactive spaces that allows a warm interaction between natures’ light and wind define the main character of the ground floor layout and here the heart of this beauty- the dry kitchen, from dine & wine to family chit- chat, extending its magic from looking good to feeling good.

Through a large glass door, the private lounge separated with an indoor vertical planter, overlooks the outdoor pool and water-fall, while the double-volume dinning area compliments the adjoining main sitting.
The pent floor is endowed with a wide elegant perimeter terrace, allowing one to bask in natures’ beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset.

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